This festival is affiliated with NFMC and the Missouri Federation, with one festival being held in each district. Students can perform in many different categories and play one choice piece and one chosen from a list of required repertoire. Students receive a rating and critique on their performance, and accumulate points toward earning gold cups. All rules and requirements are found in a publication called “Junior Festival Bulletin”. More detailed information can be found at


These exams occur in individual studios in late April to early June. Students play privately for an adjudicator to earn a critique, rating and points, which accumulate toward trophies. A student’s technique and repertoire are based on that particular student’s level of accomplishment. All rules and requirements for technique, repertoire and memory are found in the Keyboard Merit Syllabus, which can be downloaded from the “Teachers Area”.


Students have the opportunity to take a master lesson from a master teacher. These lessons are open to any student of any level. One student from each teacher’s studio is eligible to take this master lesson free of charge (on scholarship) provided that student is (1) in 9th grade or above and (2) received the highest rating available in their previous year’s performance in either Keyboard Merits or Junior Festival. Earliest enrollment by phone or by mail will receive time preference. Written enrollment must be received by deadline in order to honor reservations made by phone.


Students will perform music composed by American composers.

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